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Just war

If war is just, then there’s no reason to lie about it.

Native Americans fought for their people as well as for resources to survive, so why it is so shameful to admit that we are doing the same thing right now – for oil and other interests – instead of pretending there’s some greater cause?

It’s not for “God,” or an afterlife, democracy, or freedom under threat by foreign terrorists. People are led to believe war is fought for one or more of those things, even though there is no consensus as to what a “just war” is (the Just War Theory, by the way, is of Catholic origin).

What about our alliance with Saudi Arabia? What about governments allowing Muslim fundamentalists who cry for Sharia law, by not undergoing sufficient background checks for immigrants and refugees who falsify information? And at the same time, we are not able to criticize Israel no matter what the IDF does because it’s “anti-semitic.”  We should be fighting here at home, but nobody wants to get their hands dirty.

It’s so easy to support war when you’re not directly affected by it.

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