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Islam: From Golden Age to ashes

It really began when they turned away from Hellenistic philosophy and science. The Muslims did not like Hellenistic philosophy as it came from pagan thinkers and thought it would encourage apostasy. Averroes’ (Ibn Rushd’s) Incoherence of the Incoherence (Tahafut al-Tahafut) was a defense of Aristotlian philosophy within Islamic thought. Ghazali’s Tahafut al-Falasifa (Incoherence of the Philosophers) was against Neoplatonic thought which he criticized for not proving the existence of God.

Sufism is considered to be a mystical, spiritual sect or branch of Islam. Many Sufis leaned towards agnosticism or even atheism, a fact which Sunnis do not want known as it is blasphemous and Sufis with their singing and dancing are considered unorthodox anyway. It is said that the Shahada is “There is no God, only Allah” and not “There is no God but Allah.” This opens up a whole other can of worms, yet Sunnis say that to be Sufi you must be Sunni first.

This shift in Islam led to corruption, abuse of power, sectarianism and war even amongst fellow brethren. The rest of the world saw this and so did some followers who were raised on the religion. Nonetheless, although there are an increasing number of Muslim apostates, some of them choose to live doubles lives – either for fear of their lives or to fulfil family ‘obligations’ and ‘duty’ – or have taken their newfound legal freedom to live an amoral lifestyle, appearing to be very open-minded and progressive. Because something is not stated to be wrong or illegal by law or widespread social norms, there is no individual and inner realization of responsibility for one’s actions. They do not have or refuse the benefit of others’ objective input as they have not developed the ability to accept criticism; instead, like the fanatics they crave yes-men. Being secular-minded or atheist does not immediately bestow one with a sense of ethics and integrity. And for the women, they are still exploited sexually – trading one form of slavery for another, though still a right.

The cause of this is the Muslim practice of taqiyya, or deception. There was once a lie detection test done on some bedouins and there was no difference found between when they told a lie and when they told the truth. Living in a culture where lying is done for survival, cheating or the norm of clannishness, an apostate is still coming from a “Muslim” culture. However, I would imagine to learn how to be honest would not come easily for many in it, and I will not deny that it’s possible to do so. As for Islam, it must undergo some sort of reform or eventually die out.

See also my post on Muslim apostate hypocrisy.

When Islamic atheism thrived
The Sufis – religious atheism
Sufi Islam
Atheist Sufis

The Atheist by Aleister Crowley

Nor thou, Habib, nor I are glad,
when rosy limbs and sweat entwine;
But rapture drowns the sense and self,
the wine the drawer of the wine,

And Him that planted first the grape-
o podex, in thy vault there dwells
A charm to make the member mad,
And shake the marrow of the spine.
O member, in thy stubborn strenght
a power avails on podex-sense
To boil the blood in breast and brain;
shudder the nreves incarnadine!

From me thou drawest pearly drink –
and in its pourings both are drunk.
The Iman drives forth the drunken man
from out the marble prayer-shrine.
Blue Mushtari strove with red Mirrikh
which should be master of the night-

But where is Mushtari, where Mirrikh
when in the sky the sun doth shine?
Now El Qahar to Hazif gives
the worship unto poets due : –
But songs are nought and Music all;
What poet music may define?

Allah’s the atheist! he owns
no Allah. Sneer, thou dullard churl!
The Sufi worships not, but drinks,
being himself the all-divine.

Come, my Habib, the roses blush,
the waters gleam, the bulbul sings –
To pierce thy podex El Quahar’s
urgent and and imminent design!

 And do you think that unto such as you,
A maggot-minded, starved, fanatic crew,
God gave the secret, and denied it me?—
Well, well, what matters it! believe that too.
-Omar Khayyám, Rubaiyat (1048–1123)

Hanifs ( Muslims) are stumbling, Christians all astray
Jews wildered, Magians far on error’s way.
We mortals are composed of two great schools
Enlightened knaves or else religious fools.
-abu al maari

The Prophets, too, among us come to teach,
Are one with those who from the pulpit preach;
They pray, and slay, and pass away,
and yet Our ills are as the pebbles on the beach.
Mohammed or Messiah! Hear thou me,
The truth entire nor here nor there can be;
How should our God who made the sun and the moon
Give all his light to One, I cannot see.
-abu al maari

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Behold!  In these Chapters have I, thy Father, restricted myself, not speaking of any immediate Echo of a Word in the World, because, there Men being long since withdrawn into their Silence, it is their One Word, and that  

Alone, that resoundeth undiminished through Time.  How Mohammed, who followeth, is darkened and confused by His Nearness to our own Time, so that I say not save with Diffidence that His Word ALLH may mean this or that.  But I am bold concerning His Doctrine of the Unity of God, for God is Man, and he said therefore: Man is One.  And His Will was to unite all Men in One reasonable Faith: to make possible international Co‑ operation in Science.  Yet, because He arose in the Time of the greatest possible Corruption and Darkness, when every Civilisation and Every Religion had fallen into Ruin, by the malice of the great Sorcerer of Nazareth, as some say, He is still hidden in the Dust of the Simoom, and we may not perceive Him in His true Self of Glory.    Nevertheless, behold, o My Son, this Mystery.  His true Word was La ALLH, that is to say: (there is) No God, and LA AL is that Mystery of Mysteries which thine own Eye pierced in thine Initiation.  And of that Truth have the Illusion and Falsehood enslaved the Souls of Men, as is written in the Book of the Magus.

– Liber Aleph

“The Persians ruled for a thousand years and did not need us Arabs even for a day. We have been ruling them for one or two centuries and cannot do without them for an hour.”

– Al-Ma’mun, Abbasid Caliph (786-833)

Confusion between Arabs and Persians: Most “Arab” or “Muslim” inventions were actually Persian ones, although the Arabs did invent the number zero. Few people also know that many Arabs questioned Islam during the Golden Age, until they turned away from Hellenistic and other “pagan” philosophies and sciences; basically, trade and the exchange of knowledge. Muslims talking about how Islam helped them with inventions and progress is like Christians saying we have rights, or scientists made discoveries, thanks to God. Too bad open skepticism gets you arrested in a Muslim country.

When Islamic atheism thrived

The Sufis – religious atheism


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